Lobe Blower

sutorbilt cutawayThe MB lobe blower package is specifically designed to boost well head gas flow in low pressure applications with flows from 50 to 6,000 MSCFD.

In most cases the rotary lobe blower will produce a one atmosphere (15 PSI) boost from the inlet connection to the outlet, with a maximum discharge pressure up to 25 PSIG.

Reliability, ease of maintenance and minimal service are top design priorities. A rotary lobe blower has a dry compression chamber and does not require a separate coolant-sealing circuit like a flooded screw, liquid ring or vane design. Lift-off enclosure panels with quarter turn latches make access for routine service easy.

Packages are equipped with VFD control that cost-effectively increases production from coal bed methane and mature gas wells. The Unimac design closely monitors suction and discharge pressures automatically adjusting blower speed staying within safe limits while maximizing gas flow. The control system also allows blower performance to be modified quickly to meet changing wellhead conditions.

A touch-screen display allows the operator to view operating conditions or adjust operating parameters. The unit can also be controlled and monitored remotely using optional telemetry satellite or wireless communications modules.

Rotary lobe blowers are ideally suited for “unconventional gas” applications such as enhancing the rate of desorption in CBM wells or Landfill gas extraction.

Wellhead Booster Literature

  • Significant gas flow enhancement
  • Quiet, 70 dbA acoustic enclosure
  • Low maintenance dry compression
  • Designed for Class 1 Div 1 environment
  • Designed for -10 F to +100F ambient
  • VFD (remote) maximizes performance
  • Touch screen HMI control (remote)
  • State of the art instruments and controls
  • Blower discharge silencer ASME code
  • Air cooled ASME code heat exchanger
  • Suction scrubber, ASME code
  • Automatic condensate drain