Sliding Vane

Ro-FloCutAwayRo-Flo sliding vane compressors consist of two types, a low and high pressure series. The low pressure models have a MAWP of 80 PSIG. The high pressure models have an MAWP of 150 PSIG.

Ro-Flo compressors can be used individually as a single stage or in series as a two-stage. The high pressure models have a drive through shaft, so a single driver can be used to drive both stages. The Ro-Flo machines can be direct, belt or VFD driven.

Multiple lubricant injection points on the unit serve to disperse the “once through” lubricant to critical areas of the machine including the vanes, cylinder bore and bearings. A liquid jacketed cylinder cools the compressor and serves to properly control thermal expansion of the components.

The Kevlar® blades have a flexural strength of more than 2.5x that of Canvas cloth blades. Average expected blade life is approximately two years and there are several recorded cases of blades lasting in excess of ten years.

Ro-Flo uses two identical cylindrical roller bearings to support the shaft within the cylinder bore. These bearings are engineered to carry the radial loading of the rotor – for a minimum L-10 life of 30,000 hours at rated compressor operating conditions.

Cylinders and cylinder heads are cast with close grained ductile iron meeting ASTM A395, which is recognized by NACE specifications. Rotor shafts for models 2CC through 12L are made of a single piece of SAE 1144 carbon steel bar stock. Models 17S-19L rotors are a single piece forged from SAE 1141 steel.

Standard shaft seals are single face mechanical type with, Viton elastomers, stainless steel spring and carbon vs. alloy steel faces. Optional John Crane double bellows seals are available and often selected for sour or difficult to handle gas streams.


  • Significant gas flow enhancement
  • Quiet, 70 dbA acoustic enclosure OPTIONAL
  • Low maintenance design
  • Designed for Class 1 Div 1 or 2 environment
  • Designed for -10 F to +100F ambient
  • VFD (remote) maximizes performance
  • Touch screen HMI control (remote)
  • State of the art instruments and controls
  • Large lubricant reservoir with pump
  • Air cooled steel heat exchanger
  • Suction scrubber, ASME code
  • Automatic condensate drain