When it comes to gas compression for industrial applications, not all solutions are created equal. 

At Unimac, we offer top-tier custom gas compressor skids that redefine performance standards. Our skids don’t just house reliable equipment; they act as a reliable partner in the field, engineered to meet the specific needs of each of our customers.

Gas Compressors: Powering Industrial Progress

Gas compressors are the big, strong helpers in the oil and gas industries. Like a pump that inflates a balloon, they compress gas by increasing pressure, squeezing, and pushing gases to where they need to go. Some of their main functions include:

  • Transporting gas through pipelines
  • Aiding in the storage of gasses under higher pressures
  • Enhancing the efficiency of specific chemical processes, like polymer production
  • Powering up gas turbines
  • Increasing oil recovery rates
  • Boosting production in wellbores

Knowing what gas compressors can do is one thing; seeing how they perform in the field is another.

Our comprehensive expertise leads to unmatched customization.

Reliability in the field is non-negotiable.

Optimizing operations in demanding field environments requires equipment that can handle the pressure. Our custom skids are built to maximize the performance of gas compressors, with features including:

Customizable and Versatile Designs: Our designs consider space, customer needs, and their environment, making them adaptable for various field settings.

Built with Expertise: We have over 20 years of experience in the gas compression industry. Our skids are built in partnership with high-quality brands and innovative technologies.

Quality Assurance: We trust in the equipment we supply. Every skid built goes through quality assurance to ensure it meets industry standards.

Improved Safety Features: Enhanced safety features protect the equipment and your team.

Adaptability: Our skids can be updated or adjusted as your project evolves, eliminating the need for complete overhauls.

Professional Installation and Maintenance: We offer convenient installation and routine preventative maintenance plans to minimize potential downtime.

Unimac is a trusted name for distributing gas compressors in partnership with industry-leading brands.

We get it; the marketplace is crowded, and you’ve heard many suppliers promise the moon.

Here’s the deal: We partner with the best in the business and then go a mile further. Our reliability starts with the companies we partner with, but our customer trust lies in how we handle our business. Our one-on-one approach eliminates one-size-fits-all solutions. 

We listen to our clients and their operational requirements. We aim to build your skid with the best equipment for your output, production, and field environment. You should only pay for what you’ll need and use, ensuring your investment is as efficient and effective as possible.

We value trust and reliability as much as you value efficient and uninterrupted operations. When you work with Unimac, you’re working with a team that brings:

  • A strong network of industry-leading partners
  • Decades of expertise in custom skid solutions
  • Commitment to customer-oriented service and support

We’re in the business of equipping you for success. Contact us today or call 214-879-1010 to chat about building your next custom skid!