It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you’re a vapor recovery unit that has to endure the bitter cold and harsh winter weather. As the temperature drops, keeping your vapor recovery unit operating at peak performance becomes more challenging.

Now is the time to prepare your vapor recovery unit (VRU) for the cold weather ahead. With some planning and maintenance, your VRU can continue to run efficiently, even in freezing temperatures.

In this blog post, we’ll share tips and tricks for winterizing your VRU to help you keep your compressor equipment running smoothly and avoid unnecessary downtime during the colder months.

The Cold, Hard Truth About Protecting Your VRU

Almost all VRU systems need to be winterized in some way.

Even the most heavy-duty equipment can experience issues if not properly maintained. Some common problems that can arise in cold weather include issues with water and condensation in the system, freezing of compressor oil and fluids, and problems with pressure and flow in the piping system.

Avoid a Snowball Effect of Problems!

You can take several steps to help avoid issues and prepare your VRU for cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

1. Ensure your compressor oil and fluids are ready for the cold.

Change out fluids or adjust their viscosity to better suit low-temperature conditions. Proper lubrication and fluid levels can help compressors operate effectively and keep your system running smoothly.

2. Inspect your VRU’s insulation and sealing to ensure they’re up to keeping your equipment warm and protected.

Any gaps in the insulation or cold air leaks can cause reduced efficiency and wasted energy. Don’t forget to inspect your heat tracing equipment as well; this will prevent ice from forming in pipes and enclosures.

3. Monitor the pressure and flow within your VRU.

Cold weather can change the properties of gasses and liquids, impacting how your VRU processes them. Make sure that you’re monitoring these parameters closely and adjusting your system as needed. Tweak your VRU settings to respond to the specific challenges of cold weather. Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance if you need it (Our UniMac professionals are experts at ensuring all the boxes are checked).

4. Take care of your VRU and other equipment daily.

Regularly inspect and clean your system. Perform routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and fluid level checks. By being proactive about maintenance, you can help ensure your VRU doesn’t have to take a snow day!

All We Want for Christmas is Your Vapor Recovery Unit to Work Properly

Your compressor has been working hard all year long, and all we want is your vapor recovery unit to keep doing the same.

At UniMac, we have the service, equipment, and hardworking professionals to make sure your VRU runs smoothly during any season. Whether you need us to inspect your current unit or provide you with a whole new one to prepare for winter, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll take a look at your oil or gas compressor and make sure all components are working and ready to take on the cold. Give us a ring at 214-879-1010, or reach out to us to chat about the next step!